The Villa

  • Villa 25 in details

    When crossing through the gates please be advised: the more you observe the more you’ll be delighted. Experience, for instance, unpretentiously contemplate the Villa, a registered historical monument of Rio de Janeiro, and its façades with balusters, carved ornaments, stuccos, stones and forged iron, all craftsman’s masterpieces from 1889. Such talent and beauty dedicated to this true Brazilian eclectic architecture monument.

  • Opening doors to modernity.

    From the inside, the precise retrofit converted the antique villa to an astonishing hostel. The house gained new hydraulic, electric and safety systems, 11 shared bathrooms, 22 wireless long range access points and pleasant background music, everything carefully integrated. Here you’ll find 8 pods for 6 or 12 guests and 8 “Classic Suites” with its charming balconies. The front desk, the lobby lounge with TV and co-working room are also located inside the house.